Our chapter committees are structured into four working teams: education, patriotism, education, national defense & veterans, and historic preservation – which includes both genealogy and historic preservation. These teams mirror NSDAR’s mission which promotes patriotism, education and historic preservation and were organized to include comparable program emphases (4-6 state program areas).

The EDUCATION team focuses on promoting and enhancing literacy; training good citizens, developing leaders, and promoting citizenship and a love for our country and its heritage among our youth; supporting teachers and children in Georgia’s classrooms; and recognizing outstanding youth who exhibit the qualities of good citizenship in their homes, schools, and communities.
The committees include: Children of the American Revolution, DAR Good Citizen, Community Classroom, DAR Junior American Citizen, and Literacy Promotion.                                                                             

The PATRIOTISM & HERITAGE team focuses on promoting American History by honoring historical people, places, dates, and events; encouraging DAR members to become involved in their local naturalization process and to participate in community patriotic activities; promoting education, understanding and support of our Native American citizens, particularly our youth; protecting our flag continuously under all conditions, keeping our flag flying, and educating our citizens regarding its proper use; supporting women’s endeavors in the areas of arts, crafts, fiber arts, literature, drama, and music; educating our community members about our Constitution through various activities including posters and displaysand Constitution kits provided to our Georgia school teachers and students; overseeing the approval process for the DAR Medal of Honor and the DAR Americanism Medal.
The committees include: American Heritage, American History, Americanism, American Indians, The Flag of the United States, and Constitution Week.

The NATIONAL DEFENSE & VETERANS team focuses on supporting America’s active duty militart personnel and their families; preserving our American heritage of freedom, protecting the U.S. Constitution and ensuring the survival of our national sovereignty, advocating a strong American military defense and unwavering faithfulness to the ideals of the Founding Fathers;; honoring and thanking the Veterans of the United States with service and support of projects such as the Veterans’ History Project, Wreaths Across America, 50th commemoration of the Vietnam War and other veterans’ projects and activities.
The committees include DAR Project Patriot, National Defense, Wreaths Across America.

The HISTORIC PRESERVATION  & GENEOLOGY team focuses on recognizing and honoring those efforts towards historic preservation – including what has occurred in the past, what is happening in the present, and what we are working toward in the future; inspiring daughters to protect and conserve our natural environment and recognizing conservation efforts of individuals and/or organizations; preserving genealogical records by categorizing documents submitted and used to support the lineage on DAR applications; educating chapter members  and providing them with training, assistance, and support regarding current standards related to Applications and Supplementals.
The committees include: Historic Preservation, Conservation, Genealogy Preservation, Genealogical Records, Lineage Research, Patriot Records Project, and Volunteer Genealogist.

Additional information about each of these committees and their goals, objectives, and activities may be found by signing into our GSSDAR website at, selecting GA Personnel from the menu and clicking on Committees/Clubs.

Administrative Committees

CAR Leadership

Kathy Hanes, Julie Ellenburg

Candler Chronicle

Carolyn Launer

Chapter Achievement Awards

Cheryl Ray, Tina Chopin, Susan Gannaway

Constant Contact and e-Membership maintenance

Cheryl Ray


Cheryl Ray, Susan Gannaway, Marya Leatherwood, Mindy Wade

Fund Raising (Wreaths Across America)

Gail Mangum


Penny Walker


Phyllis Shockley


Martha Trimbach

Membership care and communication

Kris Steakley, Nancy Baumgartner and Phyllis


Sally DeLisle

Public Relations, Volunteer Information Specialist

Alyson Shields

Technology and Media

Carolyn Launer, Sandra Skinner, Julie Ellenburg, Alyson Shields


Marya Leatherwood